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Your character’s race largely determines his mechanical bonuses and penalties, but can also have a significant effect on his appearance and personality. All of the races in this chapter are basically humanoid, which means that they have an anatomy generally similar to humans, and thus have the [Humanoid] type. In Legends, “race” is roughly synonymous with “species”..

By default, the Legends core rules do not include hybrid races. The humanoid populations of Eden are each descended from the remnants of corresponding humanoid species that the Cataclysm, and these species are different enough from each other that interbreeding would be impossible or extremely unusual. Vision modes can be found in Chapter IX.

Size Categories

Creatures of different sizes in Legends are treated as being one of five size categories, depending on how big they are. Your size category affects how hard you are to hit, how accurate your attacks are, how quickly you can move, and how easy you are to physically push.

[Tiny] creatures are so small that they are ineffectual combatants. Even if their position on a field of battle is relevant, they do not take up the square they occupy, and cannot meaningfully affect a battle with their own abilities alone. At the discretion of the GM, they may be able to manipulate ropes, small levers or similar devices of appropriate size. Tiny creatures are always [Concealed].

[Small] creatures are about half as tall as a [Average] creature would be, though they may be proportionally thicker than bigger creatures with the same body structure. They have the following statistics:

  • 25 ft base movement speed
  • +1 to Armor Class
  • +1 to attack rolls
  • -2 on saves against combat maneuvers

[Average] is the default size of creatures in Legends, roughly the same size as a regular human. Most creatures, as the name suggests, fall into this size category. They have the following statistics:

  • 30 ft base movement speed

[Large] creatures are about twice as tall as an [Average] creature, and run the gamut from thin and spindly to broad and stocky. They have the following statistics:

  • 35 base ft movement speed
  • -1 to Armor Class
  • -1 to attack rolls
  • +2 on saves against combat maneuvers

[Huge] creatures are far larger than even a [Large] creature, though not so large that a normal-sized enemy couldn’t hurt it. Each huge creature has an individual set of rules for determining how big it is, and the consequences of its size, but they typically occupy more than one square on the battle map. In addition to any other effects of its size, a huge creature gains all the benefits and penalties of being [Large].



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