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Legends is a beginner friendly role-playing game system designed to offer tabletop gaming groups rules for playing the games that they’ve always wanted to play. Based on various fantasy tropes, Legends rebuilds and advances these ideas to allow for simple, balanced, and broad storytelling opportunities for unique and enjoyable characters and game worlds.

By default, Legends takes place in the land of Eden, a massive continent on the planet of Terra. In Eden, humans, elves, halflings, and orcs live in relative harmony, sometimes fighting but most often working together to survive in a hostile magical land. Outside of civilization roam various monsters and outlaws.


Eden offers many environments for enterprising adventurers. Some will gravitate towards bleak and barren wastelands with the promise of ancient undiscovered treasures, but hiding dangers that promise a lonely and cruel demise. Others will find their home in fertile and beautiful valleys, often scarred by wars between tribes and peoples who want to secure such homes for themselves. And of course, many adventurers seek out the megacities: centers of learning, high magic, and technological achievement. Some even manage to claw their way up through the underworld to a position of respectability ā€“ or at least the wealth and power to guarantee a relatively comfortable life for the time being.

Of course, if your gaming group has a different world in mind, feel free to play in it instead. Legendsā€™ mechanics can fit a broad range of fantasy settings. Legends offers you the tools to tell the story your specific gaming group wants to create.

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