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To create a character quickly, follow these steps:

Choose A Race

Choose a race from the options detailed in Chapter IV: Races

Choose Three Archetypes

Choose three archetypes from table 2-1 (“Legends Archetypes”). Full descriptions of each archetype’s abilities can be found in Chapter V. If you have to make choices associated with your archetypes (such as spell selection), make them now and write your archetypes and abilities down on your character sheet. Also make sure to note your archetype skills as each archetype provides a bonus to certain skills.

Assign Primary Statistics

Assign a total of twelve points between Body, mind, Soul, and Fate. Points are assigned on a 1 to 1 basis. this means that each point you put into the statistic increases it by one. Your primary statistics have a maximum limit. At level 1 that limit is 5 meaning that you cannot raise any of the primary statistics above five, until later. Legends is designed in a way that makes all of the primary statistics valuable to each character so spend wisely.

If you are creating a higher-level character, consult table 3-2 (“Character Advancement”) and increase your character’s ability scores by the amounts given for a character of the appropriate level. For example, a 7th-level barbarian would likely choose to increase Body by +3 and Soul by +2, and could increase any other ability score by +2 as well.

Choose Your Talents

Choose talents associated with your primary statistics. You must chose 5 positive talents and 2 negative talents. Each talent is associated with a pair of related skills. Your positive talents provide a +2 bonus to their skills while your negative talents have a -2 penalty to their associated skills. The skills associated with each talent are located in Chapter VII.

Chose Your Skills

Choose skills from Chapter VII. The number of skill points available to spend is dependent on your level and primary archetype. At level 1 you have 10 points to spend on skills plus any granted by your archetype. Skills are increased at a 1 to 1 ratio with a level one cap of 5 (just like primary statistics).

Choose Your Feats

Choose feats for your character from Chapter VIII. A first-level character has two feat slots, one of which must be chosen from the bonus feat for your character’s race, as explained in Chapter IV. If you are building a higher-level character, choose additional feats at the levels shown on table 3-2.

Choose Your Items


Fill in the Blanks

If you haven’t written down or added up anything on your character sheet put it down now. You’ve already made the important choices in building your character, so you should be able to fill in the rest of the numbers without any trouble.

Quick Start Guide

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